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The Housing Lab is a program of the Terner Center for Housing Innovation, a leading housing policy and research center at the University of California, Berkeley.

Housing plays a crucial role in the daily lives of American families and in the strength of the American economy. While both the economy and the American family have changed significantly in the last century, the ways that we finance, build, and deliver housing have not.

Today, one in four renters in the U.S. spend half their income on rent. Median home prices are rising significantly faster than inflation, and the shortfall of housing production is estimated at 7.3 million units. Black, Hispanic, and indigenous communities disproportionately experience higher rent burdens, more displacement, and limited access to home ownership. Lack of housing affordability is hindering individuals and families from accessing opportunity and stability nationwide.

The need for innovative solutions and outside-the-box thinking has never been more urgent. A growing number of entrepreneurs are leading the way, challenging our antiquated housing system and creating new ways for housing to be more equitable and affordable across the board.

However, they need support navigating the complex policy environment and accessing the necessary capital. The Housing Lab will advise promising ventures working in the U.S. while they evolve their business models and connect them with the industry leaders and the capital they need to achieve greater scale.

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About the Terner Center

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation, established in 2015, formulates bold strategies to house families from all walks of life in vibrant, sustainable and affordable homes and communities. It is a collaborative effort between the College of Environmental Design (CED) and the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Terner Center is focused on identifying and supporting bold, yet pragmatic solutions to today’s most pressing housing challenges, supported by rigorous, action-oriented research. With a focus on high-cost regions and solutions that can help address their unique challenges, the Terner Center pursues ideas that can help expand the supply of housing and lower the cost of production; increase access to homes and opportunity-rich communities for people across the income spectrum; align housing and climate change priorities; and improve the outcomes of major housing policies and programs through rigorous impact assessment.


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